Bob Long
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Bob LongA Bob Long show is a lot of fun! That's because Bob is a happy, animated performer who blends classical, boogie-woogie, ragtime, jokes and gags into a musical stew that is his own personal recipe. Everyone, from kids to seniors, loves his lively style and up-beat delivery.
It's a piano concert filled with laughs and surprises as Bob engages his audience with one-liners and hilarious stories about taking piano lessons, life on the road, and a thousand other topics. He demonstrates piano tricks and flashy virtuoso technique, such as playing two different songs at the same time! His huge concert repertoire includes beautiful arrangements of popular songs, rollicking ragtime, boogie-woogie and blues, interspersed with funny stuff such as Mack the Knife, played in the styles of Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Liberace, Errol Garner, Count Basie, Mozart, and even Beethoven! Sometimes Bob will switch gears entirely and offer his audience a serious and lovingly rendered classic from Chopin or Liszt.
These days, Bob presents his live stage show all over the country, and on cruise ships around the world. To book Bob for your event, contact us HERE.
A Bob Long show is a lot of fun!
Bob Long Bob Long Bob Long Bob Long
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Videos of Bob in Action
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This is a clip of Bob playing the piano during one of his shows.highlow
Bob performing a comedy routine from one of his shows.highlow
Another clip of Bob playing the piano in one of his shows.highlow
This is a short video of Bob dressed up as an old-timey saloon
honky-tonk piano player. Check out those snazzy arm garters!
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